Pressed tea
"Big Red Robe"
With a PRESSED picture to your taste

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This tea is bought in order to store it for many years, to give it time to ripen. The older the tea becomes, the more it costs. This is a perfect gift in every way.
Collection SIGN
Each sign carries a special meaning.
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Colltction HOROSCOPE
12 types of energy are combined with 5 elements
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You have the opportunity to make your own tea stamps at a special price applying a pressed image brand name or anniversary event on the surface of this Shaolin tea.
Manufacturing of products takes place under the order for a particular production. The production capacity is limited. For the timely receipt of your party, we recommend that you place your order in advance and agree on all the details. The manufacturing time is 2 weeks. Delivery time is 30-40 calendar days. You can provide your image for application.
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Monastic tea "Shaolin kung fu. Young Dragon. Zen-Chai »
The Shaolin monastery in Shaonin County, Fujian Province has 500 mu (approximately 33 hectares) occupied by tea plantations and 3,500 square meters of the best manufacturing factory. This place is located on the territory of a mountain reserve with a thousand mountain peaks, a lot of clean rivers and waterfalls.
"On Mount Jiu, a special purple tea grows, the aroma spreads sweetness, brings back youth,
gives peace of mind. He treats friends and guests every day, wonderful tea is popular in Gusu "
After three years - a medicine,
After ten years - a miraculous elixir,
After twenty years - a treasure.
Monastic tea "Shaolin kung fu. Young Dragon. Zen-Chai"
This is the main product of the company, which was founded in 2016 in China, is part of the organization of the culture of monastic tea under the aegis educational corporation of the monastery of North Shaolin (People's Republic of China, Henan Province, Dengfeng County). The company sells processed tea leaves, as well as handicrafts of the highest quality.
Made in accordance with centennial traditions.
This tea is successful thanks to a special traditional natural flavor, taste and color after brewing. Has such features as: ideal
ratio of strength and fineness of leaves. The persistence of the aroma of tea, its fresh, light and sweet taste, the transparent color of brewed boiled water, "tea bottom is fresh, black and shiny "- all these are signs of the quality of the raw materials and processing technology. Only fresh tea leaves are produced.
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